Month: April 2018


Henry the Pigeon

Pigeons are a demonized bird. They are ubiquitous, messy, resistant to moving on, and noisy with their incessant cooing. Pigeons and farms go together. Places to roost and lay eggs are often widely available. They choose high spots, out of the reach of cats, rats, and people.

Lawn Griffiths, author of Batting Rocks over the Barn—An Iowa Farm Boy’s Od . . .

living things

Living Things

Rural writer Lawn Griffiths was so immersed in the milieu of farm work during the years he was growing up in Iowa that it took him years to realize that he had been part of a grand venture of human, animal, and plant life all thriving together.

With his head to the ground, he did his chores and followed the instruction of his parents who expected much of eve . . .


The Auctioneer

About 1950, the father of writer Lawn Griffiths decided he wanted to become an auctioneer. He had the essential outgoing personality and loved being around household and farm sales, always looking for a bargain. Auctions are adventures in discovery and laying claim to what others don’t want for a price.

Paul Griffiths, his wife Doris, and three young child . . .


Center Theater

Back on the farm in northern Grundy Country, the three Griffiths kids started the chores early some Saturday nights so they could travel 14 miles to the south to the county seat, Grundy Center, to see a film at the Center Theater.

Every Thursday, the weekly Grundy Register newspaper arrived in the mailbox, and they determined whether they wanted to . . .