Month: August 2017



Most of us struggle to try to remember how far back our memories can go. Writer Lawn Griffiths surmises it may be about 1949, when he was three years old, on his uncle’s farm, near Polk City, Iowa. That’s where they lived in a simple four-room house: his parents, his two-years-older sister, and his twin brother. A small creek ran just behind the house and the outhouse, and Griffiths rememb . . .



The infinite and sweeping landscape of America is rich with smart, eye-catching farmsteads. Farm families have poured their hearts into creating a look and an environment that reflect their tastes and an invitation to whoever turns from the road and pulls in. What they have done provides a grand pastime to travelers who cannot help but turn their heads and admire white fences, flowerbeds that . . .



Farmers have a front-row seat in the theater of the changing seasons. They are witnesses to the drama of wind and storms, prolonged subzero days that bring gloom, then give way to glorious May mornings when lilacs bloom and corn and soybeans push forth from the soil. Seasons on the farm are about a repetitive cycle of operations and advancement year by year as farmers become ever more intimate . . .